FIVB delegation looks to develop Nigerian volleyball from junior to senior levels

CEV-FIVB : Infos sam 21 mai 2022

An FIVB delegation continued its visit of various African National Federations (NFs) this week as it met with the leadership of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation and key sports officials in the country.

FIVB delegation visited Nigeria

Leading the FIVB delegation in Nigeria was FIVB Executive Vice-President and Development Commission President Mushtaque Mohammed, who was joined by Hitesh Malhotra of the FIVB Technical and Development Department and African Volleyball Confederation (CAVB) Executive Director Gilberto 'Giba' Amauri de Godoy Filho. The delegation attended a number of important meetings with the future development of volleyball in Nigeria and the support available from the FIVB among the key topics discussed.

FIVB delegation meets with Board Members of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation

The FIVB delegation’s visit began by meeting with the Board Members of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation to discuss the importance of developing the sport from junior to senior level and advancing the professionalisation of the sport’s administration in the country.

FIVB Executive Vice-President and Development Commission President Mushtaque Mohammed said:

“During our visit, we had an opportunity to explore what types of support we can bring to Nigeria so that volleyball can develop to a more competitive level. There is a need to help the development of the sport and to enhance the participation of their national teams in major events like the World Championships and Olympic Games. Like most of countries, Nigeria is really important in the development of volleyball globally.

FIVB delegation meets Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports Development and NOC President

The delegation also met with Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare, Special Advisor Mary Onyali-Omagbemi OLY, FIVB Executive Vice-President, CAVB Vice-President Nigeria Olympic Committee President and Honorary IOC Member Habu Gumel and the President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Nimrod Musa.

FIVB Executive Vice-President and Nigeria Olympic Committee President Habu Gumel said:

“On behalf of the Nigeria Olympic Committee, I have no doubt that volleyball can flourish and reach its full potential in Nigeria with the FIVB’s support. Of course, it is so important that we have all the relevant parties on board so that the NF, NOC and Government of Nigeria can work together with the FIVB to really make the most of the support and ensure a positive impact on the development of the sport in Nigeria and Africa.”

On 19 May, a meeting was also held with the Director of the Sports Minister’s Office, M. Ibrahim Ndao, in addition to a two-hour gathering with several of Nigeria’s youth and senior volleyball players and the Nigeria Volleyball Federation President Nimrod Musa. The players had several interesting discussions with CAVB Executive Director and three-time Olympic medallist Giba on athlete career programmes, training, education and club selection.

Various volleyball and beach volleyball facilities in Abuja were visited by the FIVB delegation

The delegation also met with the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) President Mustapha Berraf and Secretary General Hashim Haroun Ahmed to discuss volleyball projects in Africa. In particular, Hashim Haroun Ahmed, who is also the President of the Sudan Olympic Committee and the former President of the Sudan Volleyball Federation, noted the priority of the Sudan men’s national volleyball team to focus on preparations for the 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games.

The meeting with ANOCA follows discussions at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 between ANOCA, FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° and CAVB President Bouchra Hajij on future collaboration and ANOCA’s plans to support African teams under continental funding from Olympic Solidarity.

The delegation also visited various volleyball and beach volleyball facilities in Abuja, Nigeria, and the FIVB approved in February 2022 one Gerflor volleyball court floor for the Gumel Foundation through the revolutionary programme of Volleyball Empowerment.

The Gumel Foundation and FIVB delegation had a productive meeting

Finally, the delegation met with the Gumel Foundation which is responsible for the construction of an Olympic Sports Centre in the Jigawa State. This sports centre is about 80 per cent complete and a request was made for the support of FIVB with a Gerflor floor and other volleyball equipment. This centre will be part of the legacy of FIVB Executive Vice President and Honorary IOC Member Habu Gumel who has been involved in volleyball since 1983.

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